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Walk with Me, Escape to Life

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I am currently involved in a huge project to raise awareness for those who suffer or have suffered from Domestic Violence. I am a survivor of near deadly abuse myself and my goal is to reach as many people as I can. So, I have started production on my music video “Walk With Me” which touches on the subject of domestic violence and unity. I am currently producing more music daily in the studio, with these recordings I will start performing in several places in and around Mexico, these concerts will provide money for this cause called “Escape To Life!” (Escapa A La Vida!)

Why Mexico?

Mexico is rated the highest for domestic violence within the family as well as the trafficking of young girls. The city of Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico is the most affected area for trafficking! These victims are young, naive, and many innocent. These young teens are lured in by men, who fake to be decent, hold a good job, appear to be part of a nice family, that are paid to act as their family, then these men ask these young girls to run away with them or to move to the United States. The majority of the time these girls, foolishly end up going with these men in search of what they think is a better life with a love full of riches.

That most angering part of all is, most could be prevented if the majority of the parents here in Mexico took more time with their children and educated them on the dangers that are very real out there. Some of this is the fault of the government that allows employers to work their employees from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily with one small break in the middle to eat. Workers are paid practically nothing! What we make as citizens of the U.S. in a week they make in two months. Yes, the cost of living is less in Mexico, but the government charges everywhere they can to basically suck dry the poor while the rich pocket. I am fully aware that this happens in many countries, but the difference here is, Mexico has a system in which they care more for export, tourism, and personal gain than the reparacions of streets, buildings, cars and big trucks that are not smog checked as well as the killing of so many trees, that the people suffer daily due to the lack of clean air! The government in Mexico is notorious for crying wolf for more and more support from the United States.The Drug Cartel do more for Mexico than those in power. Even though I do not agree with what Cartel’s do, I have witnessed on several occasions that they care more about the people, streets, businesses, environment and economic growth than the President and his cabinet.

I am currently rounding up people from all parts of Mexico to put out a music video touching on some of what I have tried to express here to all of you. I believe strongly that it is possible to make small, yet impacting changes in the world when you come together. I know I can’t stop all the corruption, evil, abuse, killing, threats on nature and humanity, but that shouldn’t stop me or anyone else from trying to help in anyway possible. When someone says to me: “You can’t take on the world you are only one person!” Yes, they are right I can’t do anything that big by myself. That is why you need to work with others. An ant never does all the work by himself, they are thousands lifting more than their own weight.

I am currently in collaboration with quite a few passionate people who feel the same way. We are going to start a Mexican revolution of a change desperately needed one step at a time.

So, My lovely friends, supporters, writers, fans, ….. Join Me…..

You can join in by spreading this post as far as you can, by sharing my link and sharing your stories about your experiences in Mexico if you have something to add, or about abuse you or a friend has suffered. By telling others about your struggles they know they are not alone and that is something that helps more than you would ever imagine. Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this, you are an important person in this world! We were not born to exist in the same revolving circle that leads to nowhere, we are meant for so much more!
* If you would like to help with this cause feel free to donate to paypal at * 

T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H F O R Y O U R L❤️V E! 
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Who is Fancy J London

FancyJ is a bubbly, silly, spontaneous, outspoken, passionate, rebel, with a cause! 


 FancyJ is a Recording artist/Producer/Songwriter with a high multi-vocal range! She began singing in fourth grade at Emerson Elementary School in Malden, MA. Taking the lead role as “Oliver” in the play “Oliver Twist”. Singing the popularly well known song “Where Is Love.” From there She sang in church choirs, talent shows, clubs, karaoke bars, events, and some small shows! 

 Her vocal range is an impressive F 3 octaves over middle C! She used to use her “whistle voice box” to call her friends from far away and it would pierce the ears of people all around even setting off car alarms! FancyJ can also drop her voice down low to a sexy soft tone. She can be a practical joker at times mimicking peoples accents and making prank phone calls to friends and relatives. 


 She just released her second album “FancyJ”, and is currently working with an independently owned company that goes by the name of Black Nickel Management in Mexico. Since her release she has been busy with promotions, radio interviews, meet and greets, and trying to keep up with all her social sites that are growing quite a bit of popularity. 


 She is now in production with L.A Records Mexico in the making of her first music video entitled “Walk With Me” from her self titled album FancyJ.

Song- Walk with Me by: FancyJ 
 Right now you can find her music lyrics, cover songs, and new recordings just about everywhere by searching for FancyJOfficial, FancyJLondon or FancyJWilliams. She is currently performing live in several concerts, events, City Fairs, and Town Festivals with the help of her management team Black Nckel and the very popular Band León Azul from Puebla, Mexico.

 FancyJ traveled to dozens of states and beautiful locations in Mexico during a three an a half year adventure back in 2006-2009 where she had met thousands of people and learned amazing things about culture and history! She has a great knowledge and understanding of this country an its wondrous qualities! 


 Singing is just one of FancyJ’S many passions, she also models, Is an Artist/Painter, created her very own entertainment cartoon page in a local newspaper in Guanajuato, MX. 

 Is a professional Photographer, very experienced Writer/Blogger/Columnist, created her own Newsletter that sold 1000’s of copies every two weeks in dozens of cities and several states in Mexico, Is a Fashion Designer, A pretty good cook, Teaches English in Mexico, and much more! 


 FancyJ is a fiesty fighter, strong survivor, lover of many causes as well as a big donator, believer in freedom of speech, human rights, caring for our planet and endangered animals and supporting fellow artists! 
 FancyJ also owns several blogs, where she writes about many different subjects her most popular blog is “Super Being Manipulated”, where she writes about harsh subjects and real problems that all of us face in the world. The second most popular is her blog “FancysFullSpectrum” where she shares her poetry, lyrics, and Features up an coming new artists in short bio’s! 

Fancy’s Full Spectrum-Blog
Super Being Manipulated-Blog
 FancyJ also decided to opened her own nonprofit organization in Boston, MA. back in 2010 to help survivors of Domestic Violence because, she was a survivor herself! It was called “CoreFancy” it was Voted #2 for best website on La Lista Boston. 

 CoreFancy would help support many abuse victims in recovering their life after years of losing themselves. FancyJ put a creative team together to help do just that! She offered shelter, clothing, food, safety, selfdefense, makeovers, plastic surgery, and counseling. 

Core Fancy

FancyJ is much more than just a singer, she isn’t here for fame! She is here to make a change through music, writing, resources, foundations and more! 

 So follow her on her journey and become part of the movement, let us reach out of ourselves and help those in need!  
 Her motto in life is to Live to the fullest, laugh until it hurts, love unconditionally, and make beautiful memories for not only herself, but for all those who enter her world!


FancyJ London©2015 All Rights Reserved 

FancyJ London is an independent Producer, recording artist Singer, songwriter and Founder of CoreFancy, Corazul, Walk with Me, Escape to Life, Non Profit organizations based in Puebla, Mexico.

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